Bullet-Proofing is Part of Resume Writing

Making use of banners or headings that point towards one's qualifications relevant to a particular job post, in terms of resume writing, is known as bullet proofing.

Sadly, many jobseekers do not know how to bullet-proof their resumes. Hence, their one and only job-hunting ammunition fails to target or capture the attention of many hiring staffs and companies.  And so they fail to win job interviews.

All they just have to do is brush up their resume writing skills by means of emphasizing what needs to be given emphasis, as well as following these four pointers:

   1. Dissect job posts. The problem with many job-hunters? They read job advertisements in the newspapers and over the Internet in a rush and then type their resumes in a flash! They should study job postings by thoroughly looking at the requirements and ideal skills, and utilize these words in their resumes.

   2. List feats first. Jobseekers should primarily make a list of all their achievements prior to jumpstarting their resume writing chore. Since a resume is an avenue where job-hunters can market themselves, there's no reason to be very humble here. Describe in detail personal strengths, educational attainments, seminars attended and/or conducted, important projects, and so on. Put figures on some results to back up claims.

   3. Tailor-fit skills. When reviewing job posts, jobseekers should mark every qualification in the advertisements that matches to their abilities and aptitudes. They should be able to identify what they have vis-à-vis what their target companies or employers are really looking for.

   4.  Action, action, action verbs!  Job-hunters, the newbie ones most especially, must use a lot of action verbs when it comes to resume writing, as these verbs allow sentences to be more short, snappy, to the point and reader-centered. Resumes filled with action verbs are far more persuasive compared to non-action verbs.     

Without a doubt, resume writing are two words that scare almost all jobseekers. But if they would master the art of bullet-proofing their resumes—knowing what to include and lay emphasis on—then writing resumes won't be an overwhelming task to any further extent.


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